Room Escape 16th:The Mini-white room.
The Classic Espape Game,Use your wisdom to break!Good Luck!

本站剧情路线:逃离旅馆后,我在调查了旅馆一番,发现这间旅馆的人都给公司里的“The others”给干了,The others布置了这个房间好让我上套,看来我让他们失望了。当我正在追查刚从旅馆撇离的The others,我又给他们的房间给锁住了,看来他们是想拖延我的时间,我要尽快逃出去!

Main story line: after i escaped from the motel, i searched around in it, finding the fact that all the employees in the company have been killed by some mysterious people called the others. It's obvious that the others set out the room to trap me here, but it turns out to disappoint them. I was locked in the room again when I was investigating the others who had just left the motel. It seems like they were trying to delay me. I need to get out of here as soon as possible.

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