Room Escape 17th:The Baby room.
The Classic Espape Game,Use your wisdom to break!Good Luck!

本站剧情路线:我用了不到几分钟时间就逃出迷你房间,利用我的观察和追踪能力,很快我就追上逃掉的"The other",发现他和一位小孩接触,样子很恭敬,难道这小孩就是他的上级或者是Boss?我追踪小孩来到这间婴儿房间,又是一个陷阱。我也开始明白对方的用意和意图了......

I take few minutes to escape from the small room with my observation ability and tracking ability. I soon catch up with the other and find that he is with a little girl. He seems respectful and polite to he. Is she his superior or his boss? Then I follow the girl to the baby room, which is another trap. I finally realize their intention.......

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