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You know you're smart — but just how smart? Tickle's free online Classic IQ Test is a scientifically accurate IQ test created by PhDs. Previously offered only to corporations, schools, and certified professionals - this personality-based IQ test is now available to you! In the full report, your IQ score will be presented along with your intelligence ranking on four unique levels. Take it now to see how you rate!

As long as a measure is reasonably stable, reliable, and makes sense, I think we are justified in using it to see what we can find. IQ, despite its imprecision and vagueness is all of these. Doesn't it make sense that if you can figure out little problems on a test that you might be a little smarter than someone who can't? It doesn't prove that you are smarter, of course. Nothing can ever prove that in the same way a thermometer proves something is hot. Why not use the measures that are available and track people's progress through life? We've done this with IQ and found that it is a better predictor of income than gender, parents' education, race, parents' income level, and essentially anything else you might want to think of. Whether IQ exists or not, it certainly is useful from a researcher's perspective1.

1 In case it isn't already blindingly obvious, useful is not the same as precise. Julie's post mentions that she doubts her kids would do well on a standardized IQ test. From having read her blog for a while, I think her kids are sharp. I think home-schooled children in general will be poorly measured by IQ tests. However, despite this limitation IQ has been effective in predicting what happens within populations.

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