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To create your dream room link, first select your room and its style. Then have fun changing the flooring, the wall colors, the ceiling types and colors, the cabinetry and more. Enlarge your design to take an up-close look, and save your finished room to your idea folder, where a personalized prod uct list has been created for you. It is Darwin's bicentenary, so I keep my Darwin doll in front of me. It's one of those models with an independently suspended head, so I can set it nodding and kid myself that the great man is agreeing with everything I am writing. I am currently using up the Darwin first-class stamps, though I do have reservations about the jigsaw design.

To the right of my desk I have a cupboard stuffed with maps. Geologists like maps. I like to read the whole landscape from maps and rue the rise of TomTom and its friends. It's like the difference between plainsong and a symphony. People are losing the skill of understanding the Ordnance Survey maps, which are the best maps in the world.

On the table I have two books I am reading, including my friend Michael Welland's book on sand. Two trilobites rest on top. I spent much of my life in the Natural History Museum asthe expert on trilobites, but my personal collection is modest. Somehow being surrounded by vast collections dilutes the acquisitive instinct. The glass prism is the Linnean Legacy award I recently brought back from the International Institute for Species Exploration in Tempe, Arizona. Most academic awards are less entertaining. The basket includes things I picked up on my palaeontological travels. There's a deer antler from Oman, minerals from the Deccan Traps, a lump of limestone made from remarkable shells that live in salty water in Shark Bay, western Australia - but there's also a fossil sea urchin I picked up in the Chilterns.

Octopussie Escape is another new point 'n' click escape the room game from FreakinRooms and created by Duderuud, who is also creator of Polleke's Room, Polleke's Garden, TLFMER and Head-Fi escape games. In this game, you are locked in a halloween room and you have to escape there by finding and using items with clues. Have Fun and Happy Halloween!

room escape games have secrets. Some room escapes, however, keep their cards especially close to their chests, relinquishing their grasp bit by bit; these are sometimes the most frustrating, and often the most intriguing. Sagrario's Room is such a game, and a superb one at that.


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